Dr. Daniel Jackson

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24 September
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Daniel Jackson

Occupation: Archeologist, specializing in translation of ancient languages
Currently: Working for Stargate Command as part of the Stargate Program

Normal Verse/Redux Verse: Set after the movie Stargate. Daniel Jackson has been living on Abydos with Sha'uri and her people for about six months when the SGC called him back to help with some difficult translations for them. So now he's on Earth, working for the SGC again. Working with sgmitchell and shakarri at the SGC.
Mitchell's Redux Post

Bored Verse: Daniel and anyone else just making something up as they go. PM me if you would like this done with your muse.

Illegal Verse: Alan Shore working with Daniel Jackson and the story that ensues. Or at least we hope it works out, they are both James Spader after all.

Disclaimer: This journal is for fun only, I am not James Spader or Michael Shanks nor do I own them or anything to do with Stargate the Movie or SG1.
No swearing, slash, or sexual posts please, both the mun and the muse are not into that.

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