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Talking to a star
Talking with Wade Wilson
Doomed to repeatedly die
Stargate Thanksgiving
Jackson and Mckay
Attack of the Blanket Monster
Kitty allergies again
Sudoku and McKay
Fatal processing error
Rorschach testing
Attack of the Daniels at dear_mun
Young Saval
Mohinder up late working on research
Keller not a soldier
Missed a mission
Strangling Dr. McKay
Saving Shakarri again

Introduction in OOC community for gargleblasted
Intro Log Post
First Gargleblasted entry: With the Guide
Question about action tag
Question about language event for linguist muse

Threatened by Avatar muse, trying to learn Na'vi language
Mun wants to hug Charlie Cruise
Meeting another Daniel
Daniel can has fun...
Doesn't get camping
Commiserating about always getting shot at with Doctor Five
Kaylee is going shopping
Mckay is so paranoid
Comparing embarrassing dances with Will from Sanctuary
Shep is reading War and Peace
Shep hitting golf balls through gate
Kawalsky shows up in a Jack post
Daniel knows his words
Finding stargate muses
Shep thinks someone's been taking ammo
Elle butt-dials Daniel's phone
Awkward talking to another foster kid
Speaking German with polylogic person
Beginning of Avatar verse
Ribbing Mckay
Classic offworld Jack/Daniel banter
Meeting of archeological minds
Coming across sleeping Sam
Meta ab contest
Locked up with Sam
Meeting a real Egyptian
Todd the Wraith
New Jack shows up
River Tam solves his equations
Aeryn wants quiet
Saving a mermaid
Accidentally ending up on Serenity
Two Daniels = not good
Halloween night, Daniel still working
Staying up all night to work with Radek
Meeting the Silver Surfer

Kidnap Meme: Jonas Quinn
Kidnap Meme: Ronin Dex
Body Horror Meme: Radek
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Injured/Hurt Meme: Samantha Carter
Lose Your Mind: Leto Atreides II